Thursday, February 7, 2008

Top Ten Topics in CNY!

Well, Chinese New Year's here, people zipping into relatives homes to munch on pineapple tarts that costs abour 20cents a piece, bak kwa that costs more expensive than your hp bill, and everyone talking about the same topics: ERP gantries, new COE for cars, petrol price increase, flour price increase... new job.... blah blah blah....

For those without a decent car like me thanks to Garhmen smart planning, would be depending on:
1) Taxis
2) MRT
3) Bus
4) "Eh, you driving today? Can gimme a lift to my aunt's? Nearby onlee...."

Well, wat to tok about in CNY? Through today's visit, I think this Top ten list may help:

10) Road Tax reduction, ERP Gantry, petrol price increase, COE limits... basically, Singapore CARS.... well, this is confirm talking point one, for those who own car, who dun own car but want a car, those who dun know car but action they know car... every one can just talk about it.

9) Flour price increase - pick up the pineapple tarts, sure can start easily from there...

8) En-bloc sales spoiling market. Just dun talk about it if you are one of those real estate agents that slip in your name cards into people's door gates. Damn!

7) Mr. Brown blog. Watch out for the correct age group to talk about this.

6) Your job. His/her job. Compare, complain, console and continue...

5) His/her/your son/daughter's education. Complain, complain...

4) Amenities and transportation near this home. Good to talk about before leaving the home.

3) Your handphone plan - starhub? M1? Singtel? Even for the non-english educated, the term "Free incoming" always ring a bell...

2) Soccer - For the men: England is out of European cup matches. Got watch the ____ vs _____ game?!


1) CARS, CARS, CARS! New Vios design! Cheap Honda Fit! How the sunny sucks the bloody petrol out of tanks! Taxi prices!! Ah, the point is ENDLESS on this!