Saturday, January 26, 2008

Top Ten List of Things to change in 2008

k... Chinese new year round the corner, I just wish that the shopping centres here would understand that playing chinese new year songs 11hrs a day is pure torture for their staff working in it... and I still have that "gong-xi, ah gong xi.... fa ah fa da chai...." tune going in my head after going to a mall for 1 hr and its driving me f**kin nuts man...

Well, somethings to change for the new year.... I can only hope...

10. Rockson to update his freaking dead blog more regularly... damn wtf are you dude?!

9. HDB owners to stop thinking that their piece of land is so damn good and sell with a 20K above evaluation; they'll just pay more for their new flat as well... the ones earning money are from property agents everywhere!

8. Stop that En-block thingy. Why not pay the bunch of bloggers like us money and we'll "En-blog" it for you instead?! No fight, no Horizon Towers backlash, no voting.... a few thousands will do fine... somemore put for you free advert...

7. ERP: E'nuff Said.

Ok, ok let me be specific: just dun create anymore new ones, k? We scared already. Really scared. The IU unit and Cashcard starting to become beeping muscial instruments liao...
And CTE will Jam forever one...

6. KPE 70km/hr. Hey, try driving in an expressway that is rock solid wide and clear with no cars in front and TRY to control your itchy leg not to PRESS TOO HARD on the accelerator, whoever thought of that speed limit!
And how to go 40km/hr when you are happily 80km/hr in PIE just 1 second ago?!
Anyway, for the Engineers, great work on that new expressway. Its great.

5. Reduce that Petrol price lah, please. Garhmen really want no car on the road ah? Then we build the road only for the bus, the taxi and the Tampines people who cycle until complain no place to park their BMX?

4. Increase the frequency of bus 58. Better still, make it double-decker. With no TV mobile. Or TV mobile in silent mode. By the way, has any SBS rep done a freakin survey of how difficult it is to go from Punggol to Ubi?! Want to watch the sardine-packed single deck No. 58 buses every morning at 8am tampines ave 10?!

3. Can bring large and cheap IKEA furniture into Bus. Can bring super big trolley through MRT. Cannot bring foldable bike that is smaller than the other 2. And Garhmen want to promote healthy living with less vehicles.... wah piang use your brain lah, use your brain!!!

2. GST 7%. Either it stays there or it gets lower. Ok, how about a bargain - last time 5%, 2007 increase to 7%, so instead of making an 8% for 2008, how about in between - a 6%? Sounds good? No, please don't get inspired by 2008 = 8%. Only people who fail maths will think like that.

1. Reduce Global Warming. Seriously; now my body feeling hotter than my kopi. No need to wait for Madonna to sing "this could be good....." again and again on the TV with some celeb showing that plugging out an unused charger saves energy (hey get your power point on/off switches lah!) and TCS changing their logo from blue to green to get everyone calling Best Denki or Harvey Norman their 42 inch LCD HDTV got colour problem... just start recycling your plastic bags k? Dun let Ikea earn by the hundreds daily for selling them!

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